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The Aly Cutter Band - Variety Reel live from Casa Rosa Nashville

The Aly Cutter Band - Variety Reel live from Casa Rosa Nashville

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may 2 casa roof 6-10pm
may 5 casa main 6-10pm
may 7 private event 6-9pm
may 9 private event 12-3pm
may 9 CASA ROOF 6-10PM

 may 10 aldeans main
may 11 memories of honor 5k

may 11 halls chophouse 7-11pm
may 12 casa main 6-10pm
may 13 halls chophouse 6-10pm solo

may 16 CASA ROOF 6-10PM
may 17 aldeans main
may 18 private event 
may 19 casa main 6-10pm
may 20 LUKES 2nd floor 10PM-CLOSE
may 23 CASA ROOF 6-10PM
may 24 aldeans main 6-10pm
may 26 casa main 6-10pm
may 28 casa main 6-10pm
may 30
may 31 aldeans main 6-10pm


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who i am ...

"I have footage of me at 2 years old standing on my grandmothers Buick singing into the car antenna. It’s funny how little and how much has changed since then. Of course time has flown. I’ve had my heartbroken pretty good. Found love. Lost a lot of loved ones way earlier in life than I should have which somehow beautifully instilled a fear and passion for life in me. I want to see and experience everything this crazy wonderful world has to offer and am scared as hell thinking I might not get to. I’ve seen people change and become things I’d never envisioned them to be in the best and worst ways possible. I’ve been thrown into waters i didn’t always swim out of but those times I did I recognized, learned, and grew stronger because of it. All of these crazy rights of passage I’ve been through have formed me into the strong willed, stubborn, sarcastic, loyal, driven, somewhat functional human being I am. The good news about going on a rollercoaster like that in your life is it gives you a lot of material to write songs about which has turned out to be my best and cheapest form of therapy.


The funny thing about everything I’ve been through is that I’m still also that two year girl who climbed on a car in the middle of a central Florida sunny day when all my heart knew was I wanted to sing. I wanted to make my family smile. I still hope like she did. I still sing. I still dream."

Influenced by everything from Etta James to Journey, Aly Cutter brings a sultry edge to her pop/alt rock

originals. With a true love of music that knows no genre confines, Aly isn’t afraid to blend genres to

make a track that resonates with her followers. She signed her first publishing deal at 18 years old,

tapped into her traditional country roots, and had Country Legend’s Trace Adkins and Jimmy Fortune

record some of her songs. She has since dove into her passion for pop/rock releasing new singles “Not

Over You” and “Lost In The Dark” as well as other originals. You can catch this Florida native and her

band, who are all very accomplished musicians in their own rights, performing all over Tennessee for a

wide range of events and venues including a weekly Thursday night residency at Miranda Lambert’s

Venue “Casa Rosa” on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. With a set list including her pop originals and

her favorite covers, Aly always puts her personal artistic twist on everything she does.


“On stage performing is my happy place. I’ve been blessed for over a decade to be able to do what I love on stages like the Ryman, Grand Ole Opry, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Not bad for a Florida girl who moved to Nashville with an air mattress and no idea how to get heard or what she was doing … just dreams, prayers, and a supportive family.

One thing I never dreamed would be such a huge part of my life is songwriting. When I first started writing it was basically because the songs being pitched to me at 14 years old weren’t relatable. So, I started learning how to play acoustic guitar and was lucky enough to have a mentor that threw me in the room with some of the most talented songwriters in Nashville. Knowing I didn’t yet deserve to be in the room with them I tried to learn and soak up as much as I could

from them. Now songwriting is my therapy.

After losing my mom at the age of 18 and my dad at 21, writing and performing were and are the biggest emotional and mental

releases I have in my life. My songs are about anything and everything. I want people to have a song that says exactly what they

are going through no matter what that is. Growing up my mom worked at a skating rink and my dad was a huge 70’s & 80’s classic rock hippy which cemented my love for all genres. You’ll hear an alternative rock and R&B influence in my music

thanks to Etta James, Don Henley, and the Goo Goo Dolls … but also my country roots of Patsy Cline, Patty Loveless, and Tammy Wynette, which got me into performing in the first place. I love it all and want to be able to give you a taste of everything when you hear my music and come out to shows.”



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