August 21st

new single  

                                          "HEAD GAMES "


Stream Now

Ol'Red Nashville Sept 5 12:30pm (Duo with Mark Lavey)

Sambuca Sept 8 6pm (Duo with Mark Lavey

Lucky Bastard Saloon Sept 9 2pm (Duo with Cameron Lenz)

Whiskey Shot (Printers Alley) 7pm (Acoustic)

Sambuca Sept 12 11am (Brunch set with Mark Lavey)

Crab Fever Murfreesboro Sept 13 5pm (Acoustic)

Lucky Bastard Saloon Sept 15 6pm (Full Band)

Crab Fever Murfreesboro Sept 20 5pm (Acoustic)

Sambuca Sept 22 6pm (Trio with Mark Lavey & Jon Von Boehm)

Ol Red Nashville Sept 24 11am (Duo with Cameron Lens)

Crab Fever Murfreesboro Sept 26 (Duo with Mark Lavey)

Crab Fever Murfreesboro Sept 27 (Acoustic)

Lucky Bastard Saloon Sept 29 6pm (Full Band)

who i am ...

I have footage of me at 2 years old standing on my grandmothers Buick singing into the car antenna. It’s funny how little and how much has changed since then. Of course time has flown. I’ve had my heartbroken pretty good. Found love. Lost a lot of loved ones way earlier in life than I should have which somehow beautifully instilled a fear and passion for life in me. I want to see and experience everything this crazy wonderful world has to offer and am scared as hell thinking I might not get to. I’ve seen people change and become things I’d never envisioned them to be in the best and worst ways possible. I’ve been thrown into waters i didn’t always swim out of but those times I did I recognized, learned, and grew stronger because of it. All of these crazy rights of passage I’ve been through have formed me into the strong willed, stubborn, sarcastic, loyal, driven, somewhat functional human being I am. The good news about going on a rollercoaster like that in your life is it gives you a lot of material to write songs about which has turned out to be my best and cheapest form of therapy.


The funny thing about everything I’ve been through is that I’m still also that two year girl who climbed on a car in the middle of a central Florida sunny day when all my heart knew was I wanted to sing. I wanted to make my family smile. I still hope like she did. I still sing. I still dream.


Aly Cutter photo by Jonathan Warren